Universal paints - ENAMEL AQUA UNIVERSAL

ENAMEL AQUA UNIVERSAL Universal water dispersion enamel


  • The product can be tinted
  • The product is designed for interior use
  • Water-dispersion paint
  • Product can be stored only at temperatures above +5°C
  • The product is designed for exterior use
  • Use water for diluting and tools cleaning
  • The product can be applied with spray gun
  • The product can be applied by brush
  • The product can be applied by roller
  • Drying time 6 h
  • Packaging 0.9 l, 2.7 l
  • Consumption 6÷11 m²/l

ENAMEL AQUA UNIVERSAL is a universal acrylate water dispersion enamel for interior and exterior use. Forms a flexible coating. Designed for wood, concrete, plaster, brick, previously painted metal surfaces, as well as plasterboard, etc. for painting surfaces. The paint is characterized by excellent adhesion both to new surfaces and to previously painted alkyd and water-dispersion paints. Base A can be used as a white color or tinted in light colors using the RILAKOLOR system.

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