Advice - How to apply decorative paint BOREALIS

Advice - How to apply decorative paint BOREALIS

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How to apply decorative paint BOREALIS

1. Painting of surface.

BOREАLIS has to be applied on to the surface coated by one of the following paints: MOVILAT 7, MOVILAT 12, MOVILAT 25. If color contrast of base and top coats is desired then surface has to be painted by paint tinted in to shade contrasting with the color of top coat (BOREАLIS).  If color contrast isn’t desired then paint closely matching the shade of BOREALIS has to be used.

2. Application of BOREАLIS.

Small area (2÷3 m²) has to be coated by uneven layer of BOREАLIS using wide bristle brush.

3. Creation of patterned structure.

While BOREАLIS is still wet surface has to be smoothened by creative movements of Inox trowel with rounded edges and corners. Parallel movements will facilitate creation of structure oriented in one direction while multidirectional movements will result in creation of “wave like” structure. In order to enrich relief structure it is possible to apply small additional quantities of product by loading small volumes of BOREАLIS directly on to working surface of spatula with subsequent spreading of the product over the surface keeping same application technique.    

4. The surface is done.

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